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TOKYO, JAPAN - NOVEMBER 16: Super Star is seen at the Real Mario Kart event in Tokyo on November 16, 2014 in Tokyo, Japan. The organizer calls for participants to this event held about once a month on Facebook, and Akiba Kart offers rental karts that can be driven on public streets. (Photo by Keith Tsuji/Getty Images)

For those who grew up either as a gamer or as a younger sibling to a gamer, we are sure you have definitely played Super Mario Brothers.

If you played the game, we are sure you had a favorite character and dreamed of being a part of their world. However, thanks to Nintendo and Universal Studios, you can actually step foot in the colorful world.

The Super Nintendo World will transform fans, both big and small, into the well-known universe. For those who are already intrigued by the park, visitors traveling to Osaka, Japan will have to wait until 2020 to be able to visit the world. As reported by Thrillist, this is perfect timing for the park since Tokyo will be taking part in the Olympics during that year.

In the teaser trailer for the theme park, it seems like visitors will feel as though they have been transported into Mario’s world.

The family friendly fun will take to see Bowser’s castle as well as another series of memorable worlds from the game.

The video also revealed that there will be a Mario Kart ride, which we are all about. Who knows, maybe there will be some blue turtle shells and a series of banana peels that you have to dodge.


【SUPER NINTENDO WORLD™】は2層からなるユニークな構造で、「マリオカート」をはじめとする任天堂ゲームの世界を体感できるアトラクションや、レストラン、ショップが集まる壮大なエリア。

According to Universal, they will be taking various games and placing them into one park. There is not a lot more information about the park, but it seems like it will be amazing.

After the park has opened up in Osaka, Universal is hoping to replicate the park in both Orlando and Los Angeles.

Groundbreaking Ceremony for Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan - Coming 2020

A huge, themed stage was specially set up on the planned construction site of Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan, and Mario was on hand to help celebrate the official groundbreaking of the project. SUBSCRIBE ► CLICK THE BELL to be notified when we post new videos.

Those American fans will be able to experience the video game in real life! Even though 2020 may seem like a lifetime away, we have a solution for you to pass the time.

Just dust off your old Nintendo 64 and start playing. By the time you finish and beat every game in the series, the park will be open and you will be severely well prepared.


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