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FRANKFURT (ODER), GERMANY - APRIL 16: Cars, many of them with Germans who will shop for cigarettes, groceries and other everyday items in Poland, drive from Frankfurt an der Oder in Germany across a bridge over the Oder River into the town of Slubice at the German-Polish border on April 16, 2014 at Frankfurt and der Oder, Germany. May 1 will mark ten years since the European Union expanded east, taking in countries like Poland, the Czech Republic and the Baltic states as new members. And though the border region between Germany and Poland is flourishing with trade and cultural exchange, the open border has also brought a sharp rise in crime, especially car theft, in communities in Germany close to Poland. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Where do you think Charlotte ranked?!

Allstate Insurance took a look at insurance claims across the top 200 cities in the country to find the cities with the safest drivers. Topping the list as the best drivers in the country: Kansas City, Kansas. Turns out the average driver in that city get into an auto collision every 14.9 years, which is 32% less than the average U.S driver.

There were no North Carolina cities in the top ten; in fact, Charlotte was ranked 147th, but we weren’t in the bottom five either! That’s more than we can say for Massachusetts, who has four cities listed in the bottom five. ┬áDead last? Boston, of course.

This study comes to us right before July 4th weekend, which the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety claims to be the deadliest of the year for drivers.

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