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The fidget spinner craze continues. But this time, with a twist!

Leave it to LauRen, the queen of fun, to bless us with the knowledge of this funky invention!If you were hoping to see the fidget spinner trend die down any time soon, we’d advise you to not hold your breath. Buzzfeed has officially launched Glamspin, a fidget spinner that features three different lipgloss flavors. It’s available for preorder at only $9.99, where regular fidget spinners retail anywhere between $5 and $10. So as strange as it seems to use this phrase in relation to a cosmetic fidget spinner, it’s kind of a steal!!

The GlamSpin Is Perfect For Lip Balm Addicts

Meet Glamspin - a new fidget spinner with LIP GLOSS on the inside. Buy yours now at: (Just a heads up we'll make some money if you use this link).

Posted by Top Knot on Monday, June 26, 2017