FORT DIX, NJ - JANUARY 29: Donated items for soldiers' care kits include lotion, sunscreen and lip balm at the Fort Dix Military Reservation January 29, 2003 in Fort Dix, New Jersey. The care kits, which include items such as Chapstick, foot powder, sunscreen and body lotion, are given to the soldiers to provide them with some of the comforts of home as they deploy overseas. Community groups throughout the state of New Jersey donated items for the soldiers. (Photo by William Thomas Cain/Getty Images)

I would assume even using this product would be way sticky and attract ants. Apparently some people want to bronze up a bit without using any baby oil and or sun screen. And no, it’s not going to get a spray tan or anything like that it’s less difficult then that.

Have you ever have a coke while sitting at the beach or pool? well there you go, people are pouring that on themselves for a new tan. The problem is it can cause you to burn more! so don’t do it.

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