If you’re wondering whether he’s willing to stick together through it all or not, these signs may point to something special!

Imagine: you meet this really cool, super amazing guy that you just can’t get enough of. But is he going to be the one? Courtesy of an article from Thought Catalog, here are some key aspects within a relationship that he should definitely be able to honor and work with. We picked out some of the ones that are the most important to us:

  • Confronting him about a problem – Every relationship has rough patches; he should be willing to work through them!
  • Letting him see you at your lowest – No one’s on top of the world every day, and he should know how to be there for you in a tough spot.
  • Talking about the future – I mean, it’s gotta happen sometime! While this may be scary earlier in a relationship, it should never be a permanent non-speaking point.
  • Spending weeks away from each other – Distance is tough, but if he’s in it for the long haul, he’ll be willing to be patient.
  • Asking questions – If you need answers, he should definitely be willing to give them, even to the hard questions!
  • Being the first to say, “I love you.” – It might be scary at first, but if you truly mean it, he’ll know and understand!

Check out the full article here on Thought Catalog!

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