Front view of an angry couple looking each other sideways after argument in the kitchen during breakfast at home

Our phone line was slammed after hearing the latest episode of War of the Roses! We caught a cheater (again) but we decided to give our listeners a chance to tell us if they would take back a cheater and if they thought all cheating was the same.

All relationships are different, some are lessons learned and others stay with you for a lifetime. Forgiving someone for cheating may be someone’s way of giving them another opportunity to do better. After all, you can’t judge someone from one mistake. At least some of our listeners feel that way. Some of our callers said their relationship has been stronger after their husband cheated and some just do not stand for it at all! LauRen says she is just one who would not get over it and would probably think about his ways of cheating while shes at work.



Listen to what our callers have to say and let us know if you would forgive and or forget? @theMRLshow