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Most Annoying Dates Ever!

Love is in the air! Or is it? Getting to know people through dates and get-togethers can often be super fun and exciting! But what about the times when it just doesn't work?

We reached out to our listener friends to hear their stories of dates gone awry and found that other than a date having a bad personality or attitude, many factors can lead to a poor dating experience. One caller noted that her talkative date just couldn't seem to leave her alone, sending a ton of double-texts and even calling her late one night to berate her for not saying goodnight! On the contrary, another caller's date was so uninterested in the movie that they saw together that he fell asleep, only to be woken up by the janitor once everyone had left! Do people just not even care anymore? However, it must be understood that some people just tend to have a bit of bad luck, such as one listener's date who was being contacted relentlessly by their employer throughout the night. Can they be blamed? Probably not, but it nevertheless can't be fun for anyone.

Have you ever dated someone who managed to annoy you to your wits' end? Share your story @theMRLshow