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People Are Blaming 'Last Man Standing' Cancellation On Politics

According to the New York Daily News, ABC says that the cancellation of the show has nothing to do with Tim Allen's political beliefs. 

Many are mad about the cancellation of the show, which was ended in the middle of it's 6th season. ABC Entertainment's President said that it was about ratings, and ratings only.

A statement in The Hollywood Reporter from the President of ABC shares that "A large part of these jobs are managing failure, and we have made the tough calls and canceled shows that we would otherwise love to stay on the air. That’s the job. I canceled Last Man Standing for the same business and scheduling reasons that I canceled Dr. KenThe Real O'NealsThe Catch and American Crime... Last Man Standing was a challenging one for me because it was a steady performer in the ratings, but once we made the decision not to continue with comedies on Fridays, that was where we landed."

Tim Allen, the show's main man, took to Twitter to express his upset and has not tweeted since.

Tim Allen on Twitter

Stunned and blindsided by the network I called home for the last six years. #lastmanstanding

Many are blaming the Republican Vs. Democrat debate that was constantly a focus of the show. Allen told Jimmy Kimmel a while ago (quoted in New York Daily Newsthat he is "a comedian, I like going on both sides," but from what his personal beliefs are off camera, many felt his show was canceled because he leaned too republican.

It's untelling if it really was ratings or political beliefs at this point and time.


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