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Friends is Back!

Can I BE more excited?!

Your favorite cast is getting back together.... but there's a catch.

It's been 13 years since the gang got together and won us over in the classic TV series.

Well get ready because Friends is back and taking over Broadway!

Yes, you read that right. Friends: The Musical is set to open this fall!

You will be taken back to the 90s with all your favorites; Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe.

Just some of the songs that will make you fall in love with them all over again include "The Only Coffee Shop in New York City", "Oh. My. God. It's Janice", and of course "We Were on a Break".

I wonder if it will open or close with that ONE song that always reminds you of the show, "We'll Always Be There For You".  

You know the song...

If you don't clap, we can't be friends.


The musical will be written by Bob and Tobly McSmith; the master minds behind past musicals like "Saved By The Bell" and "Full House". 

Tobly has recently said "there will be a smelly cat, there will be a Janice, and there will be a fat Monica."

Good luck with your flirting in 2017!

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Ahhh.... little did they know that they would fall in love years later in London.

So..... who wants to take a road trip to NYC with me?!