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Teen Pranks 'Southwest Airlines' Says "Flight Attendant Was Rude"

Now you may be wondering, why is Britney Spears making a cameo on this post? It has to the with the prank this 19 year old came up with, with Southwest Airlines. The teens name is 'Juan' and he deiced it would be funny to send a message to Southwest via Twitter on his experience with a rude flight attendant.

Here is  a little of what went down with Linnea from Southwest.

Juan: "One of your flight attendants was being extremely rude and basically harassed me throughout my flight. I am disappointed because I love Southwest Airlines,"

Lennea then asked to have a little more information about the attendant.

Juan: . "Basically she only referred to me as 'fattie' and was being extremely rude. When I asked her for extra sugar for my coffee she hesitated, and when she gave me it she whispered in my ear 'you’ll die soon enough fattie,'" the user continued. "It was really rude. I have a picture of her if you guys need it for investigation."

Linnea then asked Juan if he had gotten the attendants name?

Juan: "Yes, her name is Britney. This is her,"

He also sends a picture of Britney Spears from her "Toxic" video along side of the message.

Southwest's "Linnea" comes back with a great line. "Oops, she did it again".