AJR Takes Us On Their Weird, Enjoyable Journey Between The Notes

What do you get when three brothers from New York City band together to create what is, as they say, "the weirdest thing we've ever heard and...something no one's ever done before"?

Find out as we go Between The Notes with AJR.

One of the first things you notice as Adam, Jack and Ryan Met get ready to perform is the MIDI pad.  It's this little piece of technology, full of pre-recorded vocals and audio, that combines with the bands live performance to create a symphony unlike no other.   We would dare to say it's the fourth member of the band.

AJR's sound is fresh and fearless and Ryan offers a little background as to where their approach originates, "I guess it has to do with street performing, we were raised with this mentality of trying to catch people's attention."

We give AJR much respect not only for their music but their approach to being artists.  As Ryan puts it, "something clicked at a certain moment and we stopped fronting. We stopped acting cooler than we were in real life....We just became our nerdy real selves on stage."   Let's hear it for Nerd Power!

Photo courtesy of BMG

As AJR re-imagines pop music, they are moving the industry and fans forward toward a new and exciting sound experience.   To that end, we applaud their advice to listeners, "Try to figure out the music you like, separate from society, separate from whose big at the moment.  Kinda figure out what you really are passionate about and just like that despite what anyone thinks of you."


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