Between The Notes With Singer-Songwriter Daya

Remember the GRAMMY-winning song from The Chainsmokers called "Don't Let Me Down"? The amazing voice on deck with them is the one and only Daya!

Born Grace Martine Tandon, the Pittsburgh native slid her way into a major hit with the Dance Duo, while making her way up the charts herself with the song "Hide Away," which hit 23 on the Billboard Hot 100.

In Between The Notes, we followed Daya to see her creative process when it comes to her tour design, the difference in her songwriting process, as well as her piano skills.



Daya admits she feels stronger with a full band behind her, but she still sat down at the piano for an intimate performance of her song "Hide Away." From her perspective, the show experience is a very important part of performing live, because she wants to give the listener something to remember -- without sounding identical to her track that's on the radio or on iTunes.

Like most artists, she has received her fair share of backlash over the years for wanting to be an artist, rather than just a songwriter. When she recorded the demo for "Hide Away," she knew she wanted to sing it herself -- that's why that same demo is what you hear on the radio.

Daya says that winning a GRAMMY with The Chainsmokers is still a surreal experience. Indeed, it seems like her life has changed so much since then, and she has definitely grown so much as an artist in that time.



Her newest album Sit Still, Look Pretty is available now.


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