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7 Ways Your Hair Dryer Comes In Handy

I always thought a hair dryer was just for your hair but I was wrong.

There are so many different hacks you can use your hair dryer for, like re-shaping your shoes and removing stickers. For more ways to use your hair dryer visit CNET to read the article.

  1. Re-shape your shoes: Take a pair of tight shoes and heat them up with a hair dryer the stretch them out.
  2. Remove labels/stickers: Just head the label with a hair dryer and the label will peel right off.
  3. Dust fake flowers: On a cool setting, use your hair dryer to get the dust off of your silk flowers.
  4. Crayon on the walls: Using your hair dryer (medium) melt the crayon wax, then wipe the wall with a cloth.
  5. Candle wax: Using your hair dryer (high) warm the wax until it becomes soft, then use a spatula to scrape the wax off.
  6. Straighten wrinkles: Hang your wrinkled clothes item in the bathroom while you shower, then use your hair dryer (high) to blow the wrinkles away.
  7. Blow up an air mattress: On a cool setting, you blow dryer can be used as an air mattress pump.

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