Sabrina Carpenter Goes Between The Notes, Sings And Shares Her Dreams

Sabrina Carpenter is an up and coming artist that is going to trail blaze the pop industry, we see it coming!

You might know Sabrina from watching Girl Meets World, but she is so much more than an actress! Her second studio album, EVOLution is out now, she feels that it shows her growth between now and her first studio album Eyes Wide Open. It's easy to see that Carpenter brings heart and passion into both her singing and her lyrics, especially with her new single "Thumbs."

In this installment of Between The Notes, Sabrina explains her story behind not only "Thumbs," but what music and this album means to her, and how she learned and crafted her idea of creativity with her special sound.

Showing off those amazing set of pipes accompanied by an acoustic guitar, you get to see the difference in sound in this rendition of "Thumbs."

In addition to that breakout anthem, we got to get a taste of another favorite song of ours off her album, "Run and Hide." She also shared with us how thankful she has been to achieve what she has so far, whether it be because of Girl Meets World, or with her own music. She says she hopes she can continue to do what she loves everyday - and it's clear to see that she's got the gumption to do so.

Check out her album, EVOLution here.


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