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5 Reasons You Should Be Listening To Sabrina Carpenter

Do you ever find yourself thinking "Man, I want to hear a new artist before they make it big!"

Whether that's just a hipster quality of the bragging rights to know an artist before they break it big (I myself called Lady Gaga my favorite long before anyone knew her) - here is your chance to find one of the newest up and coming artists in the form of Sabrina Carpenter. Here's five reasons to check out this young and radiant next-big-thing.


Coach and Vanity Fair already have their eyes on her:

In a promo video for Vanity Fair and Coach, Sabrina shows off her signature style and what makes her unique from her visual aspects. She seems excited and new age, but at the same time, has a girl next door and fresh quality, one that both the indies and the classics can appreciate.


Her sound for the track "Thumbs" is not only a banger, but she is bringing back the "scat" in music:

(Urban DictionaryScatting is an old jazz term used to describe a jazz singer saying/singing random words and phrases of nonsensical words.)


The lyrics to her songs actually make you think:

Case in point, once again, "Thumbs" points out the chaos of the world that we continuously live through, and how many things are just a constant redundant process.

#ThumbsMusicVideo is out now!!? what are u still doing reading this (link in bio)

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She can handle both high energy party anthems, as well as the slower, and love-oriented songs:

For example, the song "On Purpose," which is about falling in love. Her music videos are also pretty unique:


She's not going to be a stagnant singer, AKA she's got the moves:

One thing I feel like we should be bringing back is the boy band / girl band dancing. I mean, sure, you've got Lady Gaga doing it, Britney Spears still trying to do it, etc, but the younger artists don't do it as much. It's good to see a girl busting a move - and not just in ways of twerking, but actual dancing.

Keep streaming #Thumbs on @Spotify. When the song hits 2 million streams I’ll release another video!

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If you're liking what you hear, her new album EVOLution is on sale here.


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