AUDIO: Did You Marry Up Or Marry Down?

A new study finds that there's a better chance that a relationship will work out if an attractive woman is paired with a less attractive due, rather than the other way around. Of course we had to test this out with our listener friends.

Top Signs You Shouldn't Loan A Friend Money

We all want to be good to our friends, and help them out when they need us. Whether it's giving them advice, or lending them money in times of trouble. But sometimes it's good to know when your little loan is probably more of a gift. Check out these signs that suggest you probably shouldn't…

AUDIO: Do You Stalk Before Dates?

Roy's friend had a first date over the weekend and decided to Google his name before the date. While most people probably just look at Instagram + Facebook pictures, she found something more frightening. She found out a man by the same name and in the same area had gotten arrested.  

AUDIO: Roy's Romantic Fail

Everybody wants their significant other to get a little romantic from time to time.. you know, to spice things up. While Roy was on vacation this past week he tried to get a little romantic while in the mountains with bae. Leave it to Roy to completely do the opposite!