What LauRen Likes: Jon Snow Fur AKA IKEA RUG??

You aren't going to believe it because we sure couldn't. But yes, the rumor is true. Halloween costumes just got a whole lot easier now that we know the fur that Jon Snow and the Night Watch wear on everyones favorite show "Game of Thrones" is actually an Ikea rug! YES AN IKEA RUG! Save…

Twitter Fingers Turn To Trigger Fingers

Social media gives people the opportunity to express themselves and share their ideas to millions of people across the world, and while that's great and all... there's nothing quite like an online argument to get everyone in their feels!

What Lauren Likes: $8 Bottle of Rosé

Everyone is in search for that perfect bottle of wine that has a good taste but you don't want to have to pay an arm and a leg for.  Well thanks to LauRen, our What LauRen Likes today gives you just that!