AUDIO: When Your Next Turns Out To Be Your Ex!

Blind dates can be awkward of course... usually your friends are setting you up with one of their friends or you're meeting that Tinder crush for the first time, not knowing what to expect! But nothing gets rid of those first time butterflies like walking into the date and turns out this mystery man is…

AUDIO: Who Found You Hot?

Over the weekend we had a tailgate party before the Panther's game on Sunday. We love mingling with listeners and with co-workers but Maney was caught off guard when someone he used to work with told him that they always found him attractive. He had no idea! Which brought us to the question... Who found…

AUDIO: The Police Payed A Visit To Maney.. What!?

When someone teases a story with the words, "the police came to my house," - you know it's going to be good. That's exactly what Maney did this morning. He randomly told us that while he was napping yesterday the police wouldn't stop knocking on his door and ringing the doorbell.

AUDIO: Did You Marry Up Or Marry Down?

A new study finds that there's a better chance that a relationship will work out if an attractive woman is paired with a less attractive due, rather than the other way around. Of course we had to test this out with our listener friends.