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MRL Show

1 week ago

Raising A Child Actually Cost Way More Than You’d Expect

Parenthood is full of years of priceless moments. … Read More

KISS Mornings

2 weeks ago

1/3/17 The Maney, Roy, & LauRen Morning Show #449

We started 2017 with a bang! LauRen finally … Read More

KISS Mornings

2 weeks ago

LauRen Is Back But Her Mini Meltdown Almost Kept Her From Coming In To Work

It’s 2017 and LauRen is back from maternity … Read More


1 month ago

Olympic Swimmer, ‘Ryan Lochte’ Has A Baby On The Way!

Olympic swimmer “Ryan Lochte” is about to have … Read More

KISS mornings

1 month ago

LauRen Has Top Notch Nanny-Cam Surveillance And Everyone Isn’t So Happy About It

LauRen has nanny-cams posted all throughout her home! … Read More

KISS Mornings

2 months ago

11/18/16- Maney, Roy And LauRen Morning Show #431

On this episode of the Maney, Roy and … Read More


2 months ago

Brother Catches Younger Brother Mid Fall

This lucky family is grateful to their 9-year-old … Read More

KISS Mornings

2 months ago

The Real Reason LauRen May Be Upset With Roy And Victoria

Can you say show drama! It’s been just … Read More

Mail Online

3 months ago

New Six Pack Mom Reveals Doctors Struggled To Deliver Her Baby

ustralian personal trainer, Chontel Duncan, made headlines after … Read More