Play Anything Day 2018: Meet Katie Rosa-Corey!

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The MRL Morning Show Replay | Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

It was a great Tuesday morning here at the MRL Show as we welcome back LauRen and hear some new segment ideas from Eric in Promotions! Roy threatens to go to Judge Judy on today's phone slam and we talk to LauRen about how she broke dress code at an event.  Keep up to date…

Couples Therapist Slams The Idea Of "Perfect" Relationships

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Promo Guy Pitches Himself To MRL Show (AUDIO)

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War of the Roses: Naked On Phone

Isabella reached out to us after she caught her boyfriend, Eric, in his office in the middle of the night talking to somebody. That's not all. He wasn't wearing any clothes. She informed us that he never sleeps naked, so that wasn't a possibility. When she confronted him about who he was the on the…

What LauRen Likes: Soji Crystal Bottles

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LauRen Broke NASCAR's Dress Code (AUDIO)

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Mind Blowing Job Perks That Are Real

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