How Did You Celebrate Your Divorce?

Divorces are often long, messy processes that can bring as much relief as they can bring pain. However, in some cases, they can bring happiness and celebration!

Maney told us about how he was behind a car whose back window read, "just divorced", along with many hashtags indicative of the fact that this driver's wife ended up being unfaithful. After LauRen revealed that she had been to a so-called "divorce party", we figured that we'd reach out to our listeners to hear about their stories! Our first caller told us of how after divorcing her first husband, she ended up going to a strip club with some of her friends to celebrate! Apparently her friends didn't like the guy that she had divorced from, so it must have been a time to celebrate for everyone! Then, we heard from a caller who went on a cruise to the Bahamas after signing the divorce papers, followed by one who pulled a similar stunt to the one that Maney witnessed. Often times, divorces can lead to some sort of happiness for one party or another — why not celebrate?

Have you ever been a part of a divorce celebration, be it your own or someone else's? Let us know @TheMRLshow