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Yankee Pete

1 day ago

Stupid News With Yankee Pete 12/19/14

Man arrested for swallowing $14,000 ring 22-year-old Rayhanur Choudhry is a nervous criminal. The man stole an 18-carat white gold ring, worth $14,000, but when he noticed a sales assistant spotted it was missing and called the police, he swallowed the ring in a panic. You can see the swallow on security footage so now, […]

Drex & Maney Mornings

3 days ago

Viral Video Fail: Another “Blank Space” Parody

Here’s the awful song and “Viral Fail” that Drex, Maney and Cass talked about this morning. It ain’t easy trying to go viral!

by Drex & Maney Mornings

1 week ago

Viral Video: Shaq Cooks With An Easy Bake Oven

What’s funnier than 7′-2” Shaq cooking with an easy bake oven! We don’t think anything!! So check out these holiday cooking tips from Chef Shaq!

By Yankee Pete

1 week ago

Stupid News Thursday, 12/11

Surgeon put on probation after removing patient’s healthy kidney This will make your latest mix up seem much, much better. The “Orange County Register” is reporting that two years after Dr. Charles Coonan Strait removed the wrong kidney from a patient, he is finally being punished. Dr. Strait was to remove a 59-year-old federal inmate’s […]

By Drex & Maney Mornings

1 week ago

Drex, Maney & Cassiday Receive A Prison Letter

Drex, Maney and Cassiday got an amazing letter from a prisoner in the Cabarrus County Jail. It was filled with compliments about how his white cell mate turned him onto the show. He never listened to anything but rap before. He listens every morning and hopes one day to call in! His handwriting was super […]

By Drex & Maney Mornings

1 week ago

War Of The Roses Double Confessional

Ashley called us to find out where she stood with her hookup buddy Steve. When she approached the situation, Ashley seemed very go-with-the-flow and that she had no feelings involved. Things took a 180 when we called Steve and he did NOT send the roses to Ashley! She went on to admit something HUGE to […]

By: Drex and Maney

1 week ago

What To Watch: How Does A Magician Get Out of Speeding?

This is awesome! A magician gets out of a speeding by doing magic tricks for the cop! It’s an amazing video!!

By: Drex and Maney

2 weeks ago

What To Watch: 5 Year Old Lets Cow In House

Cuteness alert! We can’t get enough of this 5 year old explaining to her mom why she let a full grown cow into the house.

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