What LauRen Likes: Vine Box

Taste wines from all over the world, delivered straight to your door, starting at $25/month!

There's nothing like a good glass of wine to take off the edge this holiday season. Vine Box is a monthly subscription where you get real samples of different wines of different flavors, colors, and from all across the world to best fit your taste buds!

How it works:

  1. Tell us about yourself and your wine preferences. We’ll curate wines for you to try and send them direct to your door, by the glass.
  2. The best part. Taste new wines! We’ll send you 3 or 6 each month. Rate and review your favorites so we can tailor to your tastes.
  3. Find something you love? We’ll recommend full-size bottles based on your reviews. Order your favs to share or keep to yourself.

To get your subscription or to learn more about this click here!