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Pet Lovers! You Won’t Believe That Dogs Are Capable Of This

02/17/2017 at 7:16 | Posted by MRL Show
Ammit Jack/Shutterstock
Photo Credit: Ammit Jack/Shutterstock

Who knew our furry friends could be such good judges of character?! A new study shows that dogs can actually be great judges of someone’s moral character. We were wondering if anyone has ever not dated someone, or broken up with their significant other because their dog didn’t like them.

Of course this has happened to one of our listener friends! One told us that she’s broken up with not one, but two people because her dog didn’t like them! She said that she would take an item of clothing from the person that she was dating and bring it for her dog for them to smell it and get used to their scent. (But the craziest part of the story is how Corina would obtain these clothing items!)

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