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Human Trafficking Awareness Day: How It’s Touching The Queen City More Than You Know

01/11/2017 at 9:17 | Posted by MRL Show

As much as The Maney, Roy and LauRen Morning Show loves to keep you laughing, we had to take a second out to recognize something super important.

It’s National Human Trafficking Awareness Day and we were lucky enough to have several officials from both the local and federal level come in and talk to us about how serious it is. Although most people may think it’s something that happens overseas or could never happen in their backyard, it actually does happen right here in Charlotte. Take a listen to all the tips they have and how often we are actually seeing this problem in the Queen City, below!

If you believe you or someone you know is involved in human trafficking at any level, you can call the Charlotte FBI Office at 704-672-6100. And to learn more about what Human Trafficking is and the Task Force that’s working to stop it, visit the Human Trafficking Task Force website.

We can all work together to stop this from happening in our community and around the world!

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