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Underwater Villas Are Your Dream Future House

01/05/2017 at 11:38 | Posted by Mary Brooke
Willyam Bradberry/ shutterstock
Photo Credit: Willyam Bradberry/ shutterstock

Are you ready to host some pool parties? Well now you can by taking your typical day in the sun to the next level with the three-story Floating Seahorse villas located off the coast of Dubai.  The Kleindienst real estate and property developers originally introduced the villas in the 2015 Dubai International Boat Show because the luxurious villas are technically boats.  The three-story vessel docks like boats—minus all the rocking—but most importantly, offers an entire floor that is actually submerged underwater so you can get a front row seat to take in all the marine life! One transparent acrylic wall that is 9.5 centimeters thick separates you from the ocean. Not gonna lie, I would be scared. However, don’t let that deter you, the tiny wall separation does allow for great glimpses of the 2 million square feet of seabed! You gotta face your fears someday and this is definitely one way I want to take on mine.

Mary Brooke Beasley has a healthy obsession with all things related to cats, fashion, and the color pink! She mainly writes trending topics, celebrity gossip, and lifestyle pieces.

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