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Mickey Mouse Wasn’t Always Mickey Mouse

01/05/2017 at 10:32 | Posted by Mary Brooke
Nicescene/ shutterstock
Photo Credit: Nicescene/ shutterstock

Walt Disney’s adored cartoon rodent, Mickey Mouse, is known by variations of his American name all around the world except for one place: Italy. There, the famous mouse’s name is Topolino. Topolino, that translates to “little mouse,” was created back in 1932 by Mario Nerbini, four years after Walt Disney originally created Mickey Mouse. Nerbini recognized the success that the mouse cartoons were producing in the Unites States so he decided to try it out for himself in Italy. Topolino became very popular in Italy and has remained a fan-favorite character in Italian comics. Today, Topolino mirrors our Mickey Mouse; for example, he lives in “La Casa di Topolino” which is basically our “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.” If you’re looking for Topolino items just check out the Italy section at Epcot.

Mary Brooke Beasley has a healthy obsession with all things related to cats, fashion, and the color pink! She mainly writes trending topics, celebrity gossip, and lifestyle pieces.

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