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Bye Bye Mascara!

12/23/2016 at 11:42 | Posted by riley
Photo Credit: Riley Sorrentino

Everyone has something about themselves they don’t like. It could be skin, it could be their hair. Well for me, it’s my facial features. My other problem is I don’t know the first thing about applying make up. I’m the type of girl that just throws on mascara and a bit of blush and runs out the door. (I’m usually more worried about my hair)

I was approached to try something new and instantly I’m skeptical. I was asked if I wanted eyelash extensions. Now, the only people I’ve seen with eyelash extensions did NOT look good. It looked like they went the cheap route for an easy fix and the results were terrible. But then I was being told about Jasna at Dream Lash Studio and how incredible her work is. So I figured why not? Let’s spice it up for the holidays!

When I got to Dream Lash Studio it looked like a cute boutique office! Very chic and everyone was incredibly nice and welcoming. Jasna walked me to her room and asked me what I was looking for. I honestly said “Don’t make me look like a doll.” She laughed and said “I’ll take care of your eyelashes. Don’t worry.”

The second Jasna started applying the extensions one-by-one it was instant conversation and laughter. I could easily hear the joy and passions Jasna had in her voice. She had so much knowledge and confidence I’d trust her putting eyelashes on anything! We talked and laughed so much, I didn’t realize I was sitting in the chair for an hour and a half! Jasna did every single lash and I couldn’t be happier with the way I look. Even my boyfriend loves them and he isn’t the biggest fan of change.

Now you can look just as beautiful as I do thanks to Jasna and her team at Dream Lash Studio! They’re having a lash extensions special for the holidays! A full set of Novalashes is only $145! Botox is only $9.50 per unit, Juvederm fillers are $450 and SkinPen is only $200 per treatment. No, they can’t be combined with any other promotion going on at Dream Lash Studio but it’s well worth the visit!

Book your treatment right now at

Join me in looking and feeling fabulous! Happy Holidays! XOXO Riley

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