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16 Things You Never Knew About ‘The Hills’

03/14/2016 at 11:08 | Cosmopolitan

The Hills ended after six seasons with the camera panning out to reveal Brody Jenner standing alone on a soundstage … and confirmed what fans suspected already – that the reality show was fake.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t still some juicy secrets from the hit show. Here are some of our faves.

1. Lauren Conrad got paid waaaaay more than everyone else.

Heidi Pratt confirmed the news in an interview with Buzzfeed, saying: “I mean, obviously Lauren got paid the most – it was her show. She was driving from Laguna to the Hills.”

2. The unimpressed cast were going to join forces against producers to demand they all got paid more.

Heidi said: “Cast members did all make different salaries, so we wanted to do like Jersey Shore and unite together and all get a bigger paycheck, but everyone was a little bit too divided. I think that would’ve been the smarter thing for everyone to do at the time, but that’s not what happened.”

3. Kristen Cavallari claims producers FORCED her to play the bitch.

In an interview with Splash magazine the Laguna Beach and The Hills star said: ‘The producers were really crappy to me. I felt like everybody was against me and manipulating me, and that forced me to be a bitch.”

4. Heidi’s job at Bolthouse was just for show.

The former Celebrity Big Brother star admitted: “I definitely did not get the promotion over Elodie! She really worked there and I pretend worked there, so it was obviously a pretend promotion for her to be upset about. That whole plot was scripted.”

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