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Here’s A State-By-State Breakdown Of How Long Americans Last In Bed

04/03/2015 at 8:33 | The Daily Dot

When the sex tracking app Spreadsheets, which tracks your duration, thrusts, and decibel levels during sex, was released last year, it was pretty clear that the only couples who would actually use it were obsessive compulsives and the sorts of type-A yuppies who set aside time for cuddling on their Google calendars (think the Parker Posey/Michael Hitchcock characters from Best In Show).

The good folks at Nerve, however, have figured out how to put Spreadsheets’ freakishly anal retentive “light-hearted and improvement-oriented” approach to sex to good use. They’ve crunched the stats and drawn up a state-by-state breakdown of users’ “sexual endurance” times, or how long they last during sex, so you can find out if the residents of your home state are Energizer Bunnies or Quick Draw McGraws.

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