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Top 5 Things Worth Losing When You Settle Down

12/11/2014 at 5:43 | Posted by By: QC Writer
Photo credit: Mario Caputa

There are times in life when it is in everyone’s best interest to remain single, whether it be following a break-up, a rough patch in life, or due to a busy schedule … but sooner or later, most people settle down … eventually.

After a while, being single can get lonely — and while there are perks to being single (being able to do whatever you want, whenever you want) these perks are worth losing for the right person. After all, being in the right relationship is more beneficial than the things that you lose once you are no longer single.

Here are the top 5 things worth losing for Mr. or Ms. Right:

5. Alone time — Sure, everyone needs to carve out sometime for themselves once in a while … but don’t expect to get a lot of “me” time once you are in a serious relationship — especially if you are living together. “Me” time is often replaced with “We” time … but, it’s totally worth it. After all, it’s nice to be alone sometimes and be able to listen to the silence and do whatever you want, but after a few hours, it gets lonely.

4. Friends of the opposite sex — Granted, every relationship is different, but don’t expect to have as much time for your best guy or gal pal. The majority of your attention when in a committed relationship should go to your partner. Of course, a long-time good friend of the opposite sex isn’t worth losing, but within reason. Don’t expect it to go over well if after you are in a serious relationship, you still spend the majority of your time texting and talking to old flings or casual acquaintances. As in, ditch them before your boyfriend or girlfriend dumps you.

3. Financial freedom — When you were single, you used to be able to spend your money frivolously, but now … not so much. Being in a serious relationship, especially if you are living together, requires that you share the financial burden of rent and household expenses.

2. Your possessions — Face it, when you live together, you lose ownership of your possessions. Nothing is completely yours anymore (except for your toothbrush, maybe.) The television, computer, and food in the refrigerator are jointly owned.

1. Your freedom — Before you entered into this relationship, you could do whatever you wanted to — whenever you wanted. But, going out to the clubs solo until the sun rises, isn’t going to be well-received by your partner. If you want to party until the sun rises, great! Just bring your boyfriend or girlfriend along.

All things considered, while you may lose some things when you enter into a serious relationship, losing those things are worth it — because you gain so much more by being in the relationship.

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