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Top 10 Best Albums of 2014

12/08/2014 at 8:11 | Posted by By: QC Writer
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2014 was an amazing year in music, with albums seemingly raining from the sky all year long!

Choosing the top 10 albums of the year was not an easy feat, especially considering there were so many incredible albums released this year.

Without further ado, here are the best albums of 2014!

10. ‘Ultraviolence’ by Lana Del Rey

Del Rey has taken a walk on the dark side, and we don’t think she’s coming back. While ‘Ultraviolence’ may be dark, it’s raw and real.

9. ‘The New Classic’ by Iggy Azalea

This year, Iggy Azalea firmly established herself in the pop world — and she’s here to stay.

8. ‘Talk Dirty’ by Jason Derulo

‘Talk Dirty’ is the perfect album to have on hand when you want to get your sex on — preferably indoors!

7. ‘Nick Jonas’ by Nick Jonas

Nope, Nick Jonas is not part of the former Jonas Brothers trio anymore. He brings forth a tremendous amount of sex appeal, and he’s all grown up now.

6. ‘My Everything’ by Ariana Grande

Taylor Swift may have taken us back to 1989 this year, but Ariana Grande took us back to the 90’s with her pop music mixed with R&B.

5. ‘X’ by Ed Sheeran

We’re pretty sure that in 2014, Ed Sheeran proved that there is nothing he can’t sing. From pop to rap, ballads — and everything in between, Ed Sheeran continues to captivate our hearts and gain our admiration.

4. ‘5 Seconds of Summer’ by 5 Seconds of Summer

Alas, the guys who comprise 5 Seconds of Summer have finally made a name for themselves — and will no longer be confused with One Direction. The band incorporates pop, funk and more, to deliver a unique, almost edgy sound.

3. ‘Four’ One Direction

Still going strong, after four albums … need we say more?! While the boy band spend a lot of time reflecting in this album, no doubt they still have plenty left to offer their fans.

2. ‘In the Lonely Hour’ by Sam Smith

Sam Smith certainly made an enormous splash in the music scene when he released his debut album earlier this year. Past the album released, Smith has also given us pieces of heaven with cover songs such as ‘Fast Car’ by Tracy Chapman and more.

1. ‘1989’ by Taylor Swift

Formerly a country-pop singer, Swift crossed-over to the pop scene, and with the number one album of the year, it’s pretty safe to assume she belongs in pop music.

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