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Top 10 Texts Not To Send To The Girl Of Your Dreams

12/01/2014 at 11:50 | Posted by By: QC Writer

So, it happened … you met the girl of your dreams. Want to keep her around? Well, for starters be good to her, make sure she knows how much you like her (not in a stalkerish kind of way,) don’t take her for granted, don’t scare her off by introducing her to your parents after the first date, and lastly … don’t, and I repeat, DON’T send her these text messages.

10. Keep your texts sweet, friendly, funny, and charming. Don’t send her a daily selfie of yourself, or worse … send her a below the belt picture. Trust me on this one, it will do the opposite of what you thought it would do.

9. Don’t make every other character in your text an emoticon. Sure, they’re cute … but too many just screams desperate. Even worse, if your dream girl texts you that she had a great time with you, DO NOT respond with only a smiley face. What she wants to hear is that you also had an amazing time, etc.

8. If you want to win her over, texting her that you’re going out “drinking with your buddies” and that you’ll “talk to her tomorrow” probably isn’t going to keep her around. The word “tomorrow” registers in her mind that you are going out with another girl and are too busy to talk to her.

7. Recovering from a hangover? Don’t text her that you were “out drinking last night” and you “can’t remember what you did last night.” Not only does this scream alcoholic, but it also makes her wonder what you did last night — as in, who you were with last night. Or worse, don’t send her drunk texts while you’re drinking. She may never talk to you again!

6. Don’t ask her to be your girlfriend via text messaging. Seriously, just as a break up requires an actual conversation, asking someone if they would like to date you requires the same. For some reason, text messaging has replaced conversing in just about every age bracket besides your great-great grandmother’s age group. Seriously, communicate face to face, or at least have an actual verbal conversation on the phone when it’s about important things.

5. Let’s say you happen to be at the same place, at the same time as your dream girl. Do not text her if she doesn’t see you, instead get out of there if you can leave without her noticing. If not, then pretend to be preoccupied and allow her to think that she spotted you first. Texting her, especially with something like, “Hey, you look cute in that outfit,” will probably make her think that you are a stalker. Good luck getting her to talk to you after that.

4. Sarah is beautiful and you want her to know how hot you think she is. Great! Problem is, when she received your text, it read: “Hey Melanie. I think you are smokin’ hot. I can’t wait until we hang out again!” Oops! Yeah … keep your women straight. Enough said.

3. Don’t demand that she send you numerous pictures throughout the day, or ask her repeatedly what she is wearing. She wants you to like her for her, not for the clothes she is wearing or the five pounds of makeup she may have on her face.

2. This one should be so obvious I shouldn’t have to write it out … but nevertheless, here I am writing. DON’T overtext! Overtexting can come across as needy and somewhat possessive. Don’t send her text after text of meaningless nonsense especially if she’s not texting back. Better yet, keep her guessing … answer most of her texts … but not every text.

1. The problem with men is … yeah, you already know. Come on men, if you really like this girl, then use your right head and don’t send her a text that screams booty call!

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