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Why Is Hayden Panettiere’s Baby Bump Huge News?

11/19/2014 at 7:47 | Posted by By: QC Writer
Photo Credit: QCWriter

Hayden Panettiere made headlines yesterday for vacationing in Hawaii while eight months pregnant.

Headlines similar to: Hayden Panettiere Shows Off Baby Bump In Hawaii, Nashville Star Wears Bikini At 8 Months Pregnant In Hawaii, Hayden Panettiere Has A GIANT Bun In The Oven, and so on and so forth, were all over the internet yesterday.

What’s wrong with all of these headlines? Everything!

A woman’s pregnancy should be an exciting time in her life — after all, she will soon bring a life into this world and she will also become a mother.

Every pregnancy is different, and every mother carries differently.

Personally, I always disliked when someone said to me, “You look so tiny for being six months pregnant, are you eating enough,” etc. But towards the end of my pregnancy, I looked very pregnant.

Calling a pregnant woman’s baby bump huge or enormous is cruel. Gaining enough weight during pregnancy is almost frowned upon in our culture, however it should be celebrated. After all, a big baby often means a healthy baby.

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Pregnancy is temporary. Hayden Panettiere should be able to wear a bikini while vacationing without making headlines across the country because of her weight gain and baby bump.

Woman especially have a hard time with body image, and when a pregnant celebrity makes headlines due to the size of her belly, pregnant women around the world internalize the message these “news articles” are sending.

Some pregnant women begin to feel guilty about the amount of weight they’ve gained, while others may even try to shed some of the weight while they are still pregnant, which could have dire consequences on the growing fetus.

What’s more, the moment the baby is born the message seems to shift to how and when will the baby weight be shed.

Pregnancy and motherhood should be a joyous time. Women should not have to worry and obsess about those few extra pounds.

Here’s a picture of Hayden in Hawaii. I happen to think she looks beautiful!


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