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Top 10 Reasons You Should Jump Ship NOW!

11/11/2014 at 1:26 | Posted by QCWriter // Staff Writer

A relationship can either be one of the best things in your life, or one of the worst things in your life — it all depends on the type of relationship you have, in addition to the type of person you’re in a relationship with.

But, how do you know if you’ve found your dream girl or guy or if you’ve come across another diva or player? Here are 10 red flags that you need to look out for … and if the gal or guy in your life has a couple of these traits, trust us … you’re in the wrong relationship.

10. If you tell him or her about a new job, promotion, salary increase, or something else exciting, they should be able to share your excitement and be happy for you. If they don’t share your enthusiasm, and even worse, they somehow manage to change the subject to something pertaining to them, guess what … you’re in a relationship with someone who is selfish. Perhaps they never learned how to share as a child, or their parents spoiled them and raised them to think they were the center of the universe — either way, being in a relationship with a selfish person is both draining and will leave you unfulfilled.

9. People seem to have this misguided mentality that “opposites attract.” Do they really? Maybe to a certain extent, but in a good relationship, you should be able to embrace your oppositeness, rather than your differences separating you. After all, if two people in a relationship have absolutely nothing in common, there’s really no need to be in a relationship, right?

8. Sure, everyone has their own interests and it is healthy in a relationship that the couple maintain some sense of individuality, however, if you are complete individuals, as in you don’t do anything together, or spend any time together, what is the point of being in a relationship? You’re probably better off single, and somewhere deep down, you probably both know that.

7. There is one topic that is a big no-no in any relationship … yes, we are talking about the ex. If your significant other feels the need to talk about his or her ex on a routine basis, your relationship won’t work. Why? Truth be told, your guy or gal isn’t over their ex yet, and you’re just the person inbetween.

6. Sure, texting can be fun and flirty, but there’s also a balance. There are better ways to spend your time than having to be glued to your cell phone 24/7. Furthermore, if the person you are in a relationship with wants to talk to you, and is genuinely interested in you, they will initiate contact. Communicating effectively requires that both people reach out to each other equally. If your guy or gal never responds to your texts or calls, or if you always have to initiate the contact, chances are, they are not that interested in you — if they were, they would respond.

5. Do you like roller coasters? Great, ride one at the amusement park. Don’t let your relationship turn into a never-ending roller coaster ride. If everything is great one day and then everything is terrible the next, over and over … get off the roller coaster ride! Never knowing where you stand or not knowing where the relationship is going will exhaust and confuse you. It’s not worth it, there are other fish in the sea.

4. The best kind of relationship is one that you can totally be your self around your significant other, without judgement. If being in the relationship makes you feel awkward, or worse … you can’t relax and be yourself, it’s not the right relationship.

3. Is the guy or gal in your life always trying to change you? There’s a big difference between suggesting something like a new hairstyle, to insisting that they cut their hair a certain way, dress a certain way, and act a certain way. You get the point. If they can’t accept you for you, jump ship before you drowned in your own tears from not feeling accepted.

2. Do you feel like you have to take care of your partner? Sure, there are times when people need to “be saved,” but each person in a relationship needs to be able to stand on their own two feet. Of course, working together is definitely beneficial in a relationship, but always having to come to your partners rescue anytime the slightest thing goes wrong will eventually leave you feeling depleted.

1. Are you still in a relationship with someone who cheated on you? Have you ever asked yourself WHY? Sure, we get it … they made a “mistake.” They are “sorry” and “it will never happen again.” Yeah, we’re not buying that brand and you shouldn’t either. Furthermore, not only will they do it again … eventually, but because of their unfaithfulness, you will never trust them again. Being in a relationship with someone after they’ve cheated isn’t healthy. For one, you won’t ever regain that trust and the connection that the two of you once had, is forever severed. Don’t torture yourself … you deserve better.

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