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Top 5 Unusual Things Men Love About Women

11/05/2014 at 11:00 | Posted by QCWriter // Staff Writer
Photo credit: I Am Theo

Men! Women! When it comes to the opposite sex, most will agree that we will never understand each other — at least not completely. Perhaps, that’s okay.

It shouldn’t surprise us that there are some unusual things about women that men love. Once explained, the reasoning behind why men love these things makes sense — I guess.

5. Seeing a woman without makeup. Don’t get me wrong, men love to see women dressed up, but they also like to see what she looks like dressed down, without makeup. Any woman can look good with makeup on, but men appreciate women in their natural form as well.

4. Men dig chicks who wear glasses. Ladies, give the contacts a break and sport your glasses for a change. Men really do find women who wear glasses attractive. It reminds him of the sexy librarian or teacher from his childhood, and it also reminds him that you are an intelligent woman.

3. Watching you “fix your face.” I know what you’re thinking, we just told you how much a man loves seeing you in your natural beauty, but … he also likes watching the transformation. Seeing you apply your makeup, and the precise technique that you use is somewhat fascinating to him. You are a form of art!

2. Stretch marks. Any woman who has ever had a child knows that stretch marks are just part of motherhood. Some mothers were blessed with good genes and have very few stretch marks, while other mom’s aren’t as fortunate. Many women are self-conscious about those silver scars on their body, but truth be told, the father of your child loves your stretch marks. They remind him that your body nurtured his baby until he or she was born.

1. When you’re scared. Of course, men do not want to scare you, but they do like it when you are afraid of something so that they can rush in and be your hero. Men are protectors by nature, and they love coming to your rescue and making you feel safe.

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