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Kim & Kanye Have TWINS?!! Sort Of

10/30/2014 at 3:43 | Posted by jsparxx

No, not twin children….THEY are twins.

E! News wrote an article about the Instagram & Tumblr of Katie Burroughs & Kathleen Lee from San Francisco – “What Would Yeezus Wear?”

The two girls have made it a part time job to recreate the signature fashion statements of Kimye. They have done an awesome job of putting together the outfits & poses of some of the biggest photo’s of Kim & Kanye. Including on of Yeezus & North West, which wasnt easy since both girls are adults!

Kathleen told E! News that Kim has given her approval with a casual “LIKE” of one of their iconic recreations.
“Kim liked the ice cream cone pic,” Lee told E!, “But on my Instagram. At first I was like: ‘Wait, did I just see that notification?’ I assumed it was a fake account, but then all of a sudden my phone blew up with likes from all of her followers.”


PS – I’ve reached out to Katie & Kathleen & will be getting an interview with them soon!! Stay Tuned!

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