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Train Crashes Into Semi – Couple FILMS The Entire Thing

10/07/2014 at 8:26 | Posted by jsparxx

WOW! This is insane!

A couple in Mer Rogue Louisianna were on a road trip to Memphis, TN from West Monroe, LA when they came to a train crossing & a semi truck hauling a crane had bottomed out his trailer on the tracks.

The truck was stuck … and then the worst thing possible happened…. the crossing lights came on.
The video shows the train SMASHING the Semi truck – Thankfully the friver wasn’t in the cab, however the train conductors are said to be pretty banged up –
Quote from the video description
“we understand that the train engineers were in pretty bad shape. The thoughts and prayers of David’s Garden Seeds And Products are with them. We pray that God will heal them. At the time of the crash, we were in shock and I had no idea what had come out of my mouth until I played the video back….you just don’t know how you will react to tragedy that unfolds right before your eyes until it happens”


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